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Email Folders Do Not Display In Webmail

If you're using SquirrelMail and your mailboxes have disappeared, you might try the following:

log into SquirrelMail
at the top of the page, follow the "Folders" link
at the bottom of the Folders page, use the "Unsubscribe/Subscribe" section to subscribe to all of your missing folders

Here are the equivalent instructions for Horde:

log into Horde
select the "Options" icon at the top of the page
in the "Edit options for:" drop-down choose "Mail"
in the "General Options" section, choose "Server and Folder Information"
make sure the "Use IMAP folder subscriptions?" option is checked and hit "Save Options"
select the "Folders" icon at the top of the page
select "Show Unsubscribed"
check the folders you wish to display (those in italics are currently hidden from you)
select "Subscribe to Folder(s)" from the "Choose Action:" drop-down

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